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Replaced The Woman In Black screen caps

So I have uploaded 2745 HQ Blu-ray screen caps replacing the old DVD screencaps of the 2012 horror smash ‘The Woman In Black’. Enjoy.



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Event appearances update

I have updated the gallery with more appearances that we were missing see below:


2017 – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – press night
2016 – Imperium premiere at American Film Festival
2016 – Empire Live
2016 – Dan visits ‘Extra
2016 – AOL Builds in London

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New site layout + 2016 appearances

As you can all see we have a brand new layout up at the site. I’m personally rather pleased with how this one turned out. I will be working on getting the gallery layout sorted to match over the next day.

I am updating the gallery with 2016 event appearances, some of which you can view below:


Timestalk Imperium
AOL Builds – Imperium
August visit to Sirus XM
Privacy‘ Opening night

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Yasmin Kassim talks working with Dan

Australian actress Yasmin Kassim works with Dan in his latest film ‘Jungle’. She briefly mentions what it was like working with Dan in an interview with Marie Claire magazine. I have extracts below:

In your new film Jungle, you star along Daniel Radcliffe, which is pretty incredible, what was he like to work with?

Daniel was so amazing to work with. We really connected, I feel and we got on really, really well. Just before we started shooting our first scene, I only spoke to him in the language that I speak in the movie – I didn’t really speak to him in English – because I wanted to keep that kind of energy there, and then when we shot our first scene together there was just this really magical air on set, there was a real shift and we knew that we were going to work well together after that.

Did you watch Harry Potter growing up, were you star struck at all?

You know what’s so weird, I was nervous, I was trying not to syke myself out because I thought if I think about this too much, it’s not going to serve me, I just need to think about the work and my job and what I need to bring to the table. And then when I met him, he was in an American accent, because he had to transfer into the Israeli accent for work, and I think that helped me not click that he was Harry Potter. Even though we would chat about our lives, we both were very much in the energy of our characters, so it wasn’t until the wrap party where he had an English accent and I didn’t have all my prosthetics on my face that we were both like, ‘oh my gosh, hi, this is weird, nice to meet you properly.’

I grew up watching Harry Potter and I can’t imagine what it would be like meeting either him or someone else from the films, like Emma Watson

Well obviously, it’s our generation, who doesn’t know who Harry Potter is? Honestly, from an acting perspective, the choices he’s made since that franchise, I just really admire him as an actor and not once during the shoot did I think, ‘oh my god, Hogwarts.’ Actually you know what, there was one time where we were talking about his family and he was talking about his missing school and I asked if his family travelled for work. He was like ‘no, I was shooting the movies’, and I was like ‘oh, that’s right!’

You can read the full interview with Yasmin on the Australian Marie Claire website.

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Dan comes to the aid of tourist attacked by an armed moped robber

As I’ve already reported on our social media sites, last week Dan came to the aid of a tourist in London. The incident took place in Kings Road, Chelsea and the victim was slashed in the face by an armed moped Robber. The victim is believed to have had their Louis Vuitton bag stolen.

David Videcette told the Standard he noticed the men behaving suspiciously and began following them, intervening in the attack by shunting the moped with his car after seeing them pull out a knife.

Returning to the scene, he found Radcliffe looking after the victim, who was a tourist in the UK on holiday.

“It was a bit of a surreal moment,” Videcette said. “I said: ‘You’re Daniel Radcliffe’ and he replied: ‘I am.’

“He was a really nice bloke, a lot of stars wouldn’t have stopped to help. The victim was very, very shaken up.”

A spokesman for Dan has confirmed that Dan was present at the scene.

Source: The Telegraph

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Half-Blood Prince screen caps

I have replaced the old DVD screen caps with 2981 Blu-Ray screen caps of Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.


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Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix screen caps

I’ve replaced the old DVD screen caps with 2871 Blu Ray screen caps from the 5th Harry Potter film. Next up will be Half-Blood Prince.


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Jungle Movie Official International trailer

Check out this amazing trailer for Dan’s upcoming film ‘Jungle’. It literally looks like my worst nightmare. Looks like its going to be a hard-to-watch gripping film.