25 June 2017
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There have been some stills from the ‘Jungle’ movie released. Take a look in the gallery here.   

25 June 2017

I’ve replaced the old DVD screen caps with 2871 Blu Ray screen caps from the 5th Harry Potter film. Next up will be Half-Blood Prince.            

15 June 2017
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Check out this amazing trailer for Dan’s upcoming film ‘Jungle’. It literally looks like my worst nightmare. Looks like its going to be a hard-to-watch gripping film. It seems the trailers have been removed for copyright reasons all over Youtube. So I guess it wasn’t meant to be released yet into the public domain.

13 June 2017

I have just replaced the old GOF screen caps with bigger better quality and a lot more of them. To be exact, 2359 new caps.             

11 June 2017

I have replaced the old DVD screen caps of Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban and replaced them with HQ Blu-Ray Screen caps. There is an extra 1300, so in total with have 2795!        

7 June 2017

I have replaced the old DVD screencaps with nearly 3000 Blu-Ray screen caps. Much better quality and far more of Dan.            

7 June 2017

Dan has donated some signed merch items to the Old Vic Auction, which you can see here. Here is some news on this signed Champagne bottle below: Ahead of our Summer Party, we’ve published our online auction! Prizes include this #OVRandG signed champagne bottle. https://t.co/aXDfTjhgYV pic.twitter.com/Yx9fIK3jez — The Old Vic (@oldvictheatre) 7 June 2017

3 June 2017

Dan is going to be working with Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels and actor Owen Wilson for a new anthology comedy called ‘Miracle Workers‘. The show will air in 2018 on TBS. This comedy is set in heaven in the workplace and Dan will be playing a ‘low-level’ angel called Craig. Sounds interesting right? Source: Vanity Fair

1 June 2017

I have replaced the old screencaps in the gallery. I had a rather pathetic 534 DVD caps and the size was small and this was done back in 2009. So it was time for an upgrade. I have added over 2500 Blu-Ray screencaps in over 1900px wide. Better!        

30 May 2017

I’ve added the Swiss Army Man Screen caps to the gallery. There are 1123 in total. Enjoy!