1 June 2017   Comments Off on Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone screencaps

I have replaced the old screencaps in the gallery. I had a rather pathetic 534 DVD caps and the size was small and this was done back in 2009. So it was time for an upgrade. I have added over 2500 Blu-Ray screencaps in over 1900px wide. Better!



30 May 2017   Comments Off on Swiss Army Man screen caps

I’ve added the Swiss Army Man Screen caps to the gallery. There are 1123 in total. Enjoy!


30 May 2017   Comments Off on Victor Frankenstein movie screen caps

I have added the movie screen caps from Victor Frankenstein to the gallery. There are over 1000.


22 May 2017   Comments Off on Victor Frankenstein Movie Extra screen caps

I have finally sorted out the screen caps for all of the extras on the Blu-ray and have added those to the gallery, see links below. The actual movie screen caps are to follow, as I haven’t had a chance to go through those yet.

110 x Deleted scene 2
391 x Deleted scene 4
031 x It’s alive!
095 x From Hunchback to Victorian Gentleman
006 x Becoming Victor
011 x Lord Barnaby’s Circus
017 x Creating the end
023 x Chasing the Villian
023 x Making Victor Frankenstein


22 May 2017   Comments Off on Escape From Pretoria New Project

Empire Online have announced another new film project that Dan is attached too. It’s called ‘Escape From Pretoria’ and also stars Sam Neill.

Based on Tim Jenkin’s autobiography Inside Out: Escape From Pretoria Prison. He’s best known as the anti-apartheid activist who managed to break out of the Pretoria Maximum Security Prison alongside fellow inmates Stephen Lee and Alex Moumbaris.


13 May 2017   Comments Off on ‘Guns Akimbo’ new project

Variety are reporting a new project for Dan called ‘Guns Akimbo’, an action comedy. The film is currently in pre-production and will likely be shown at Cannes Film Festival to be picked up for buyers.

9 May 2017   Comments Off on Now You See Me 2 movie screen caps

I have added over 500 screencaps from Now You See Me 2 to the gallery. Enjoy!


9 May 2017   Comments Off on More Rosencrantz & Guildenstern videos

Here are some more videos that I thought I would add to the site. You may have seen them or you may have not, but they’re amusing nevertheless. Dan and Joshua McGuire are very funny together and you can see them playing ‘The Questions Game’ in the first video, ‘In conversation’ in the second (both from The Old Vic). The third an interview with Dan, Joshua Maguire and David Haig by WhatsOnStage and the fourth an interview by National Theatre Live.

9 May 2017   Comments Off on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Theatre tour

I know this is a tad old, but as the site was unavailable to me to update when this was released, I thought I would show the video of Dan showing us around The Old Vic Theatre.

8 May 2017   Comments Off on The Photo gallery

Hi everyone! The gallery is fixed, a wonderful chap sorted it out for me so we’re back to normal now.

I have added the Trainwreck screen caps, which you can see here.