15 November 2013   Comments Off on Shortlist video shoot

Watch Dan below in a video for Shortlist magazine in which he talks about Kill Your Darlings and Gold.

Here is a trailer for the 300th Shortlist magazine issue featuring Dan on the cover.

13 November 2013   Comments Off on Photo shoots

I have updated the 097 – Chris young 2012 shoot with some extra HQ photos and added new 156 – Time Out 2012 HQ photos to the gallery. Credit to Ashley for these.

6 1 2 5 3
06 18 14 08 04

9 November 2013   Comments Off on Kill Your Darlings Cut Up

On Thursday November 21st, DanRad will be kicking off an exciting and unique project to celebrate the release of his hugely anticipated new movie Kill Your Darlings, which hits cinemas on 6th of December.

The KYD Cut-Up Exhibition is a collection of projections which will be taken around London over three days, to be seen by thousands of Londoners.

The whole cut-up thing, where text is sliced up and rearranged to create a new, original piece, was made popular in the late 1950s, by William S. Borroughs – one of the central characters in Dan’s new movie. It’s all about ‘killing’ the work of ‘your darlings’ (or inspirational artists and writers) to create your OWN brand new and unique work. It’s all very clever and artsy fartsy.

For this particular exhibition, the cut-up technique will be used to include design, fashion, illustration, photography, art and literature, so if you’re one of those arty sorts with any sort of creative talents you fancy showing off, this one’s definitely for you.


30 October 2013   Comments Off on Daniel Radcliffe to Play Sebastian Coe in Gold

Embankment Films has announced that Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter” films) is attached to play British politician and former track and field athlete Sebastian Coe in Gold, to be directed by James Watkins from a script by Simon Beaufoy and Will Davies. The film, which will be sold at AFM, is described as follows:


Sebastian Coe (Daniel Radcliffe), obsessive and nurtured, is a quiet loner driven to the limit of endeavour by his ambitious father.

Steve Ovett, effortless and natural, is a confident joker and outsider, fighting to prove himself in an elitist world.

Both are fuelled by rivalry but burdened by the weight of expectation and fear of failure.

Lovers, family loyalties and the human spirit are tested to breaking point in a relentless race for glory.

Inspired by a crescendo of real-life events – a movie about winning, losing and the pursuit of immortality.

Joanna Anderson, Vicky Licorish and Kevin Loader will produce. Filming will start in 2014.


29 October 2013   Comments Off on Massive Photo shoot update

I have added a ton of photos from various photo shoots that we were missing to the gallery. Please credit this site if you use any, as I paid for these photos.

002 x 150 – Francine Orr 2013 (MQ)
004 x 151 – Jeff Vespa 2013 (MQ)
002 x 152 – Jeff Vespa 2013 (MQ)
008 x 153 – Riccardo Ghilardi 2013 (MQ)
005 x 154 – Filip Van Roe 2013 (HQ)
022 x 155 – Fabrizio Maltese 2013 (MQ)
005 x Chris Beyer (MQ) UPDATED

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17 October 2013   Comments Off on Elle Magazine interview, photo update

What attracted you to that person in the first place? And why did your relationship sour?

This person, in my life, was crazy and wild. That’s what was very attractive about [this person], but ultimately, I had a moment of saying, “Actually, you are just rude and horrible to people.” That f— you attitude to the world, that this person had, is actually pretty dull. When you get to a point when you see that, it’s important to make a decision and move on from it. Because then it starts to define who you are as a person, before you can define who you want to be.

Read the full interview here.

I have added to the gallery some Attitude, Sharp, and Kill Your Darlings photocall photos, check them out here.


13 October 2013   Comments Off on Flaunt magazine

There is an interview with Dan here for Flaunt magazine and some new photos of Dan, which you can see in the gallery. The photos are by Adam Whitehead.

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7 October 2013   Comments Off on Empire 100 sexiest men

Dan does get featured in the sexiest Empire movie poll. He came in at number 45. This is what they said.

As the star of one of the biggest franchises ever, you’d forgive Daniel Radcliffe for being at least a tiny bit of a diva. And yet he’s one of the nicest, most down-to-Earth men in show business, hard-working and apparently near egoless. Now that Potter’s behind him and he’s proven himself onstage on and with The Woman In Black, we look forward to seeing what he does next.

We suspect it’s going to be Horns, but since that isn’t out yet, we’re going to have to choose The Woman In Black because suggesting Harry Potter feels wrong.

He can sing The Elements.

6 October 2013   Comments Off on Horns clip

I haven’t added this to the site for viewing, so take a look at Dan in Horns. Loving the accent!

6 October 2013   Comments Off on Daniel Radcliffe’s Next Trick Is to Make Harry Potter Disappear

Dan appears in New York Times magazine and below is some excerpts of interest:

Not long after Radcliffe moved out on his own, he started drinking. By his own description, this was not casual drinking at parties, but every-night drinking, heavy drinking, drinking to the point of making a scene and then blacking out. “I became a nuisance,” he has said. “I became the person in the group who has to be looked after.” He drank in local bars and eventually alone, because he was too embarrassed to go back to the bars where he had been so drunk on nights past. In August 2010, when he was 21, after awakening from a blackout, bruised and unable to account for the previous eight hours, he decided to stop drinking. He hadn’t talked publicly about the extent of his problem and was worried that he would rise one morning to find photos of his past exploits plastered on the front page of a tabloid. So in 2011, he decided to speak openly about his drinking.

Radcliffe’s upbringing during the Potter years was at once cloistered and uncensored. His father was on the set every day, providing an unusual amount of oversight in the strange, charmed halls of the drafty, converted aircraft hangar where the movies were shot. But all around him, especially as he became a teenager, the crew and cast were swearing, changing in front of him and regaling him with tales of boozy revels. Although he and Watson and Grint shared an intense experience and are friendly enough, they have barely seen one another since the last film. Radcliffe’s closest friends were always among the crew, people who “were either much older than me and had kids or lived outside of London,” he said. “I didn’t have that normal teenage period when you build up your friends in your area and you have a social circle.”

Radcliffe’s pleasures can veer into compulsions: he often chain-smokes cigarettes, pounds Diet Coke, recently kicked a Red Bull addiction and spends hours, into the early morning, on NFL.com, pursuing an obsession with American football he cultivated during “How to Succeed.” “I probably know every starting player’s name in the league,” he told me. “Actually, I don’t know why I’m being modest, I definitely know every starting player.” He records episodes of “Jeopardy!” when he’s in New York and watches them before he goes to sleep. A former guest on a brainy British quiz show called “QI,” he has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and trivia and a seemingly inexhaustible catalog of jokes.

Thrown into an adult world early on, Radcliffe nonetheless still clings to some adolescent habits. He subsists on a diet based largely on cheeseburgers and pizza, is the same poor sleeper he was as a child and is an inveterate slob. One friend still teases him about the time he took off a sock to mop up some soda, then put the sock back on.


In “Kill Your Darlings,” Radcliffe displays more range than he did in the Potter films, with a role that defies easy characterization. Radcliffe’s Ginsberg is both socially insecure and sure of his genius; he is, by turns, deeply romantic and sullen and sexual. In Venice, several interviewers asked Radcliffe if he was trying to “put a knife in the back” of Harry Potter by doing an explicit gay sex scene. But Radcliffe simply said it was a part of the story, just as being nude in “Equus” was essential. “I honestly don’t know what the big deal is,” Radcliffe, whose parents had many close gay friends when he was growing up, said in a news conference. “People have been having gay sex for as long as they’ve been having straight sex, period.”

He had five minutes after the scene [A Young Doctor’s Notebook, series 2] to take a break and quickly walked outside to smoke a cigarette; he rolls them, a habit he picked up from the Harry Potter wardrobe dresser, a father of three now in his 40s, whom Radcliffe considers one of his best friends from the days on the set. Among the wealthiest men under 30 in his country, Radcliffe, particularly when he smokes, has the pallid, slightly starved look of an artist who might live in a garret.

Writer: Susan Dominus: Full Interview on New York Times