19 February 2017   Comments Off on New gallery layout + photos

I have finally got the new layout up at the gallery (I’m still tweaking) and I also have added a bunch of 2016 photo shoots, a Jungle still, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead production stills to the gallery as well.

I will be uploading the main site layout in a couple of days, I’m trying to sort the menu out.



11 January 2017   Comments Off on Imperium Screen caps

I have finally added the Imperium screen caps, which I promised you guys about two weeks ago. There is over 1500 of them.


28 December 2016   Comments Off on ‘Beast of Burden’, Dan photo

Dan posted on his official Google+ account a couple of weeks ago of him preparing to fly in a plane for his role as a pilot in ‘Beast of Burden’.

11 December 2016   Comments Off on Swiss Army Man Apple Store presentation

Finally got around to adding these photos of Dan with Paul Dano at the Apple Store talking about ‘Swiss Army Man’.


20 November 2016   Comments Off on Gallery update

Hey everyone, I have updated the gallery with a new shoot Dan has done at DFF this year. I have also added some event appearances from his promotion with Paul Dano for ‘Swiss Army Man’. Will be adding some more over the coming days to catch up.

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12 August 2016   Comments Off on Site Hiatus + Domain update + Imperium stills

As I haven’t had time to update the site as much as I’d like to I have decided to take a break from it for a while. So there will be no major updates to the main part of the site for a couple of weeks.

Any major news on Dan I will post on the site’s social media, so please join if you haven’t already done so: Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Check the gallery for updates as well, some Imperium photos added.

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Please also bookmark the site as http://dan-radcliffe.org, I will not be renewing http://dan-radcliffe.org as the site’s domain from December 2016. 

23 July 2016   Comments Off on Happy Birthday Dan!

Today is Dan’s 27th birthday and so I ‘d like to wish him a Happy Birthday from the site and its visitors.

6 July 2016   Comments Off on New Imperium poster released

Here is the new poster of Dan from his new movie ‘Imperium’.


6 July 2016   Comments Off on Imperium trailer released

Check out the awesome trailer for Dan’s new movie ‘Imperium’, looks fabulous.

2 June 2016   Comments Off on Off – Broadway ‘Privacy’ tickets on sale

If you want to catch Dan on the off-broadway theatre production of ‘Privacy’ grab your tickets here. His character is ‘The Writer’. It is for a very short run from July 5th – August 7th 2016. So don’t miss out if you’re in New York.