11 November 2010   Comments Off on Premiere photos

Photos have been added to the gallery  and will continually be updated whilst new photos of Dan appear at the UK premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The photocall is also here.

37 More photos just added!

9 November 2010   Comments Off on Some clips from DH

Some videos I haven’t added to the site previously.

8 November 2010   Comments Off on Photo updates

Loads of photo updates added to the gallery today check them out here. Photos include The Sunday Times scans, Entertainment Weekly scans, The Woman in Black on set pictures and misc magazine scans.

22 October 2010   Comments Off on Cut magazine

Check out these two great new photos of Dan.

22 October 2010   Comments Off on The Simpsons appearance trailer

Here is Dan’s character from that episode of The Simpsons, Edmond.

18 October 2010   Comments Off on Hugh gallery update / TV spot

Added the 14 Dazed and Confused out takes shoot to the gallery, see them here. I have also added the scans from the magazine, courtesy of danradcliffe.com. In the Harry Potter section we have one new banner (seven potters), plus 19 on set photos of Dan during the filming of Deathly Hallows.

13 October 2010   Comments Off on New DH banner

Added the new DH banner of Harry and Hermione in to the gallery. Also a new picture of Harry and the first photo from the Dazed and Confused photo shoot Dan has done for the magazine.

9 October 2010   2 Comments

Well I am very pleased with these two new on set photos of Dan from The Woman in Black. Check them out here. Very handsome:)

Here is this interview from the Daily Mail where the photos are from and below is an excerpt below:

‘It’s my first grown-up role,’ the actor told me, noting that he was barely 17 when he made the televison film My Boy Jack. ‘This is the first time I’ve played older than myself  –  I’m supposed to be 24 in this. And,’ he added, pausing for effect: ‘I’ve got a son.’

Then he laughed, and explained that he does indeed have a young son, but only on screen.
Daniel’s child in the film is played by Misha Handley, who in real life is his godson. Misha’s the son of Thea Sharrock, who directed Daniel in his stage debut, Equus.
It’s very hard to fake the relationship that me and Misha have. There had to be a sense that we were close.’

8 October 2010   Comments Off on New posters added

Some new posters from Deathly Hallows have been added to our gallery. check them out.

2 October 2010   Comments Off on Total Film scans

Check out the gallery for 10 scans from the November 2010 issue of Total Film magazine.