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For Larger?

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Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that he expects some Harry Potter fans to be annoyed at having to wait for the second part of the final film.

The second instalment of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows will be released on July 15 next year, six months after the first movie.

Radcliffe told Total Film: “It’s going to be frustrating for the fans but not everybody would be willing to sit through a six-hour film.

“I think they’d rather we managed to accommodate all the various storylines.”

The actor, who will next appear in a remake of The Woman In Black, teased the point at which the storyline will be split.

“I’m not sure where the split will be but if it stays as it is now, it’s a real cliffhanger moment,” he said.


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First off, I know the site looks different. This is because we are going wordpress. I know It should have happened long ago, but this is my fourth site I’m converting just this week alone. The content IS missing and will be adding over the next couple of days! The gallery and media site are still accessible.