11 January 2017
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I have finally added the Imperium screen caps, which I promised you guys about two weeks ago. There is over 1500 of them.    

12 August 2016
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As I haven’t had time to update the site as much as I’d like to I have decided to take a break from it for a while. So there will be no major updates to the main part of the site for a couple of weeks. Any major news on Dan I will post on the site’s social media, so please join if you haven’t already done so: Tumblr, Facebook and

6 July 2016
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Here is the new poster of Dan from his new movie ‘Imperium’.

6 July 2016
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Check out the awesome trailer for Dan’s new movie ‘Imperium’, looks fabulous.

30 September 2015
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Sorry to be so slow with news lately. I do tend to post things on twitter faster though like this photo of Dan on the set of Imperium. He has shaved his hair off for the role and I have to say it really does suit him.

1 August 2015
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Daniel Radcliffe’s intriguingly varied post-Potter career is set to continue with a lead role in new FBI thriller Imperium. According to Deadline, the ex-wizard will play a young undercover agent seeking out white supremacists who are attempting to make a dirty bomb. The character is based on Michael German, who spent years infiltrating various neo-Nazi groups. The crime thriller will be the feature-length debut of shorts maker Daniel Ragussis, who co-wrote the script