7 June 2017

Dan has donated some signed merch items to the Old Vic Auction, which you can see here. Here is some news on this signed Champagne bottle below: Ahead of our Summer Party, we’ve published our online auction! Prizes include this #OVRandG signed champagne bottle. https://t.co/aXDfTjhgYV pic.twitter.com/Yx9fIK3jez — The Old Vic (@oldvictheatre) 7 June 2017

9 May 2017

Here are some more videos that I thought I would add to the site. You may have seen them or you may have not, but they’re amusing nevertheless. Dan and Joshua McGuire are very funny together and you can see them playing ‘The Questions Game’ in the first video, ‘In conversation’ in the second (both from The Old Vic). The third an interview with Dan, Joshua Maguire and David Haig by

9 May 2017

I know this is a tad old, but as the site was unavailable to me to update when this was released, I thought I would show the video of Dan showing us around The Old Vic Theatre.

7 May 2017

I have updated some of Dan’s career pages in the careers section and other bits and bobs. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead has now come to an end (sad times). I am still having issues with uploading to the gallery so I have added a temporary one and will be adding some Trainwreck screen caps for you to view. I’m hoping I will find a fix otherwise I will have

19 February 2017
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I have finally got the new layout up at the gallery (I’m still tweaking) and I also have added a bunch of 2016 photo shoots, a Jungle still, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead production stills to the gallery as well. I will be uploading the main site layout in a couple of days, I’m trying to sort the menu out.