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Replaced The Woman In Black screen caps

So I have uploaded 2745 HQ Blu-ray screen caps replacing the old DVD screencaps of the 2012 horror smash ‘The Woman In Black’. Enjoy.



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Little White Lies interview Dan

For the full interview go to their website here:

You have a massive profile for a young actor. How do you protect your privacy?

I suppose you just do the best you can. You avoid going to places where you know there’ll be paparazzi, and you keep a low profile when you are out. As a rule, I don’t go to other premieres. I’ve never been to a premiere of a film I’m not in. As an actor, and especially an actor that’s been in a franchise, when you promote a film you invade people’s lives. You’re everywhere. So I think it’s good, when you don’t have anything to promote, to step away as much as you can.

You don’t have a Facebook or Twitter feed. Was avoiding social media an active decision?

As soon as you start that dialogue with the world, you can never really stop. I know a lot of people who have a really personal relationship with their fans through Twitter, and that’s really sweet, but one day they’re going to get older and have kids and not have time to tweet. And then their fans are going to get angry. You are in danger of waiving your right to privacy if you tell everyone what you’re doing every two minutes of every day.

Do you want to direct?

Yes, absolutely. Very much so, but I don’t know when.

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Q&A with Dan

Ideas tap did a great interview with Dan, which you can read below:

Daniel Radcliffe, 23, spent 10 years as Harry Potter until the franchise’s final chapter in summer 2011. He has also appeared in The Woman in Black, TV’s My Boy Jack and the forthcoming Kill Your Darlings. He tells Tom Seymour how to smash an audition, and admits to still suffering from nerves…

You’ve described yourself as very competitive. How crucial is that to your success as an actor?

It’s important, certainly. You do need to be competitive because there are so many of us, and we’re all good and we all want to work, and there are a finite number of films being made; less now than there were. So it’s about being competitive, but it’s also about loving it so much the competition comes naturally.

Most jobs you get as an actor, and the last two films I’ve done, you have to really scrap for parts. You have to show the director you’re the most enthusiastic and the most driven and you’ll work the hardest for him.

What are your strengths in an audition?

I’m really good with scripts. I can find a way into a script and break it down really well. I can find what my relationship to the material is very quickly, and that’s what I always love to talk to directors about.

Do you still get nervous?

Yes absolutely. I originally auditioned for Kill Your Darlings three years ago. I was playing Allen Ginsberg and had a meeting with the director John Krokidas. I was very, very nervous.

But you’ve got to trust you’ve got a take on the character. The one thing that will screw you up totally is if you start thinking: “I wonder what that actor would do with this, I wonder what this person would bring to it.” You can’t start thinking like that.

How do you make sure a director remembers you?

From occasionally being on the other side of the audition thing – so reading with other people – if you can go first, go first. Because if you can go first and put in a good performance, you’ll really spoil everyone else’s day.

What’s your advice to young actors trying to break into the film industry?

I’m the wrong person to ask about getting into the industry, because my experience has been so atypical. But once you’re in, treat everyone with the same respect. As an actor you should think of yourself as part of the crew. If you start thinking of a divide between cast and crew, then that’s when film sets start to become unhappy and fall apart. You’ve got to muck in.

When I did my first film without my dad there to chaperone me, his last piece of advice was: “On any film set, there will always be something that will make everyone wait. Just make sure you’re never that something.” If you can do that, it will go a long way, because a film set is always just on the point of everything going wrong.

What’s the best part of your job? 

I’ve always known I’ve had a cool job, but sometimes it shines through. I was filming in New York a couple of weeks back, and the shoot was opposite an elementary school. It was a nightmare. The kids would come out every recess, see us and go absolutely mental.

On our first take, our first assistant director who, to them, is just some guy with a radio, turned round and said, “OK everyone, we’re going for a take. Be quiet,” and 30 kids between the ages of four and 11 completely shut up to watch the scene. You could have heard a pin drop, and I thought to myself, “You wouldn’t go quiet to watch a bloke sell a house.”

The Woman in Black is out on DVD and Blu Ray on 18 June. Kill Your Darlings is slated for release early 2013.

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Dan answers questions put to him from WIB

The official Woman in Black FaceBook page sent some fan questions to Dan regarding the film. See the clips below:

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More old event appearances

Here are some more photos of Dan from this years appearances:

019 x The Woman In Black Toronto film premiere
015 x The Woman In Black New York Screening
022 x NEW.MUSIC.LIVE Toronto TV show


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Events appearances

I have updated the gallery with 90 photos from various 2012 event appearances, see below:

052 x The Woman In Black Premiere in LA
010 x The Woman In Black Press Conference, Beverley Hills
013 x Orange Film Awards – Press room
009 x Bloomberg & Vanity Fair Cocktail Reception
006 x White House Correspondents Association Dinner


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The Woman In Black gets release date

The Woman in Black DVD/Blu-ray release date is 18th June for the UK and 22nd May for the US. You can already pre-order at amazon and play.

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Woman in Black movie surpasses £20m box office mark

Daniel Radcliffe film The Woman In Black has surpassed the £20m mark at the UK box office, according to figures released by Screen Daily.

The actor’s first movie since the Harry Potter franchise is already the most successful horror film since records began 20 years ago.

The adaptation of Susan Hill’s ghost story extends its lead as this year’s highest grossing film to date.

But it falls far short of the list of biggest earning films of all time.

James Cameron’s Avatar remains the number one movie of all time with takings of £95.6m.

Titanic – also a Cameron film – was second, followed by Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.

At this week’s UK box office, The Devil Inside made its debut at number one with estimated takings of £2m.

A successful marketing campaign, which included an audience reaction trailer, helped boost the horror movie’s popularity.

Jonah Hill comedy 21 Jump Street was this week’s second highest new entry with box office receipts totalling £1.6m.

In third place was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, followed by John Carter and We Bought A Zoo, which made its first appearance on the chart in fifth place.