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Yasmin Kassim talks working with Dan

Australian actress Yasmin Kassim works with Dan in his latest film ‘Jungle’. She briefly mentions what it was like working with Dan in an interview with Marie Claire magazine. I have extracts below:

In your new film Jungle, you star along Daniel Radcliffe, which is pretty incredible, what was he like to work with?

Daniel was so amazing to work with. We really connected, I feel and we got on really, really well. Just before we started shooting our first scene, I only spoke to him in the language that I speak in the movie – I didn’t really speak to him in English – because I wanted to keep that kind of energy there, and then when we shot our first scene together there was just this really magical air on set, there was a real shift and we knew that we were going to work well together after that.

Did you watch Harry Potter growing up, were you star struck at all?

You know what’s so weird, I was nervous, I was trying not to syke myself out because I thought if I think about this too much, it’s not going to serve me, I just need to think about the work and my job and what I need to bring to the table. And then when I met him, he was in an American accent, because he had to transfer into the Israeli accent for work, and I think that helped me not click that he was Harry Potter. Even though we would chat about our lives, we both were very much in the energy of our characters, so it wasn’t until the wrap party where he had an English accent and I didn’t have all my prosthetics on my face that we were both like, ‘oh my gosh, hi, this is weird, nice to meet you properly.’

I grew up watching Harry Potter and I can’t imagine what it would be like meeting either him or someone else from the films, like Emma Watson

Well obviously, it’s our generation, who doesn’t know who Harry Potter is? Honestly, from an acting perspective, the choices he’s made since that franchise, I just really admire him as an actor and not once during the shoot did I think, ‘oh my god, Hogwarts.’ Actually you know what, there was one time where we were talking about his family and he was talking about his missing school and I asked if his family travelled for work. He was like ‘no, I was shooting the movies’, and I was like ‘oh, that’s right!’

You can read the full interview with Yasmin on the Australian Marie Claire website.


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